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Career Objective

To advance my career in the development and construction industry and build on my extensive experience .
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Career Profile

ACCOMPLISHED CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONAL offering a solid educational background, extensive experience and a strong record of performance. Significant qualifications include:

  • Managing projects that are complete, on time and within agreed budgets; to client’s satisfaction.
  • Maintaining optimal results by setting goals and targets.
  • Developing a common project management language within the organization and introduced schedule controls.
  • Stating and clarifying project goals in order to motivate staff and encourage them to achieve their goals.
  • Establishing project resource requirements
  • Developing monitoring/control/evaluation mechanisms to keep projects on time, compliant and within agreed
  • Completing project responsibility matrix’s to guide all team members in their responsibilities and goals.
  • Assessing project situations, determining solution and action to maintain goals.
  • Identifying potential risk areas and addressed early to minimize and eliminate hazards to the project objectives.
  • Communicated on project goals and aims to ensure the clients objectives are defined, agreed and targeted
  • Negotiating timetables with milestones and objectives.
  • Facilitating group involvement to build a team spirit of a can “do approach”
  • Building work teams that gives a clear path to promotion and job achievement.
  • Using project management discussions to gather information, gain understanding and test for compliance to set goals.

Core Competencies

  • Business Analysis
  • Establish Client Relationships & Confirming Briefs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cost Control Management
  • Program & Schedule Management
  • Fiscal Management
  • Resource Allocation
  • Audit existing problem projects & lead team to implement solutions
  • Implement Agreed Project Solutions
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Implement Computer Operation
  • Risk Management & Value Engineering Exercises

Professional Experience


  • Vice President, Project & Construction Management 2006–2009. Project, program and schedule Management Company with over 4000 staff in America, 14,000 worldwide.
  • Working with Arcadis in the development of “World Wide Project Consulting” with the object to develop a one stop procurement focus for worldwide clients.

Projects included:

Isle of Capri

    • Pittsburgh: Headed up the IOC bid for a casino resort License value $750Min 3 stages. Managed the strategy and detail design, budgeting & cost planning of a proposed new resort complex license
    • Waterloo. Provided Project & cost management services to a $66m new casino on green field site.
    • Pompano: New casino in Florida to provide detailed cost management advice. Project costs $66m Project completed April 2007
    • Biloxi: Project management, scheduling and cost control on rebuilding of casino and hotel following hurricane in 2005. Headed up a team following hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Successful in assisting the IOC to recover over $250M from their insurance companies
      • Renaissance Sport Hotels & Spa. Design scheduling of design process for initial feasibility to final design for procurement and construction.
      • Assisted Marriott in refining their in house cost approach to new projects resulting in a more robust cost model on which Marriott based their initial estimates.
      • Undertook successful Value Engineering exercise; resulting in over 100 actions & $5M savings, resulting in a refined design on new hotel brand which was just about to be procured.
      • Proactive Constructability reviews on Marriott projects in USA resulting in change of direction for design team.
      • Undertook detailed Project control exercise on a complex project in East Providence, RI. Brought together the complicated remediation of an existing toxic site owned by the client. Involved the integration of permitting, funding and city legislation and the phased development of a shoreline complex of condo and retail space. The objective to indentify and communicate the process and then monitor and report to the multi-headed client body was judged a success. $120M project schedule over 3 years

Marriott International:


Arcadis –AYH, UK

  • UK, Business Unit Director 2000 – 2006 Project, Cost and development consultancy based in UK. Work entailed project and cost management on private sector projects.
  • Increased fee work and client numbers.
  • Expanded client base.
  • Started operation in America.
  • Raised morale, standards and integrity.
  • Expanded trained staff.

Noble Project Management UK:-

  • CEO 1991 – 2000:- Project and design Management Company specializing in retail and hospitality projects in UK.
  • Specialist in project and program management.
  • Focused on scheduling and cost controls
  • Area of operations included Hospitality, retail, commercial and health

Johnson Jackson & Jeff Ltd:-

  • Director 1981-1991:- Design Management Company in UK and Europe provided detailed design coordination services to developers and funders.
  • Developed design control and scheduling to maximize client’s development projects.

Y.J Lovell construction:-

  • Project Manager & Scheduler 1973 – 1981. Construction Company in UK.
  • Worked as contractor’s contract manager on commercial and public works projects.


  • The Hulme Grammar School Oldham UK.(Private school ) O levels and A levels achieved.
  • College of Building Manchester: OND in Construction
  • Sheffield University: HND Construction Management
  • Project management course at UCLA America

Professional Qualifications:

  • Member of Charter Institute of Building (United Kingdom)
  • Member of the Institute of Management (United Kingdom)
  • Certified Arcadis Project Manager USA (UCLA America )
  • Certified Arcadis Principal in Charge USA

Download full Resume (Word Doc 72kb)

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